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Lyon-Albuquerque Phonological Systems Database
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The Lyon-Albuquerque Phonological Systems Database (LAPSyD) is a searchable database of basic phonological information on a wide sample of the world's languages. It includes:

  • Consonant and vowel inventories
  • Syllable structure
  • Summaries of stress and tone systems
  • Basic information on language location and classification
  • Bibliographic information on sources
  • Links to recorded language samples, where possible

The data can be searched by feature, by segment, by stress, tone and syllable structure categories, by language family and area, and by various combinations of these factors, and the data can be viewed and exported in the form of tables and maps. Click on Browse as guest or the LAPSyD logo to access the data. This opens a page displaying a language listing by family as well as other menu options. For detailed description of the database click on the Information tab on the left of the new page. To find an individual language click on Search Language. To initiate a data search click on Query. Registration is not required for access, but registered users can post comments, and propose new languages for inclusion. Registered users can log in using the login and password they provide when creating an account.

Of course, each language included is represented by a 'snapshot' of how it was spoken at a particular time and place by particular individuals or groups. Any language is an ensemble of varieties in constant evolution, and a different choice of time or place of observation could yield a very different picture of the phonology of the language. Morover, the data as presented in the sources is 'filtered' by the compiler of this database in an effort to provide a uniform style of analysis, particularly as it relates to the inventories of consonants and vowels. This homogenization of the data is regarded as an important and valuable feature of the database.

LAPSyD is made available for general interest and as a research tool. It is planned to continue to expand it both by adding further languages and by increasing the richness of information about individual languages.

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