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Saved results

Dans LAPSyD, les utilisateurs enregistrés peuvent sauvegarder et partager des listes de langues, des requêtes booléennes et des regroupements de dimension.

  • Saved queries pour afficher et relancer les requêtes enregistrées
  • Saved samples pour afficher et charger les listes de langues enregistrées
  • Saved sets pour afficher les regroupements de dimension
  • Saved partitions pour afficher et charger une partition des langues en k clusters

Layers of data

Language data in LAPSyD is structured into three color-coded layers, Publicpublic, Privateprivateand Hiddenhidden. Data in the Public layer has been updated and validated by the database compiler (Ian Maddieson). It is open to access without registration. Data in the Private layer is accessible to all registered users of the site. This data is usually ‘inherited’ from UPSID and may be incomplete or out-of-date. The Hidden layer contains data on languages in process of being added to the database and is invisible to all apart from the management team.

The same layered structure applies to output saved after searches. All items in the saved partitions, saved sets, saved samples and saved queries lists have an assigned access level, and consequently will be visible or not to different levels of users.

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